Short film


8 min

Anna Swagerman


“Looking at things in a certain way. Looking at light, motion, water, the horizon. How you look at things is essential. Because matter is like a mirror. Observing the landscape, I felt new feelings. Sometimes I try to put a name but I can’t; it’s a new experience. Every time I watch the landscape, there’s a change inside...” The work Inner Landscapes shows impressions of my time in nature of Northeastern Spain. Voices of people, which I met along the way, reflect on how they observe the surroundings, and what they experience in their inside world. After seeing images of this particular area in nature I felt moved to spent time there. From then the work took a life of its own, and I opened up to the different layers of reality of the places and people I met, and who organically became part of the work and my heart. In a time where there’s a lot happening outside, it reminded me of the importance of finding silence inside and observing.