Kind / Place:

Less than 10 minutes space related performative act with smartphone, tape,

bascule bridge in

Chicago, IL, United States.

Friedrich Andreoni

A simple diversion can unfold new unexpected uncertainties. Focusing on anything that constitutes an environment: – space of creation and action, space that reverberates – I work across multiple media with a special focus on sculpture, sound and performative acts or gestures. Through my practice and works staged around the world I investigate questions surrounding communication, automatic control systems and conditions in both machines and living things. These explorations bring everyday operations, behaviors, and often mundane and automated technologies to the foreground. My strategies, which span from the repeated investigation of a form (the arch) to a simple interventional gesture (taping a smartphone to a barrier gate of a railroad crossing), aim to restore and set up the conditions for something new to take place, renewing our perception of a site or a narrative. Sometimes with a mere rotation, space measures itself out, devours, and spreads out anew in the memory of site, sound, and space.