Diverse objects

Jochen Andres Wiese

Mindmaps, 2021 

Diverse Objects 


By collecting objects, I explore possible ideas and materials for my artistic practice. Without limiting myself to a particular medium or display, I use the objects as such or elements derived from them, i.e. drawings of their silhouettes, fragments, and depictions, or I use my own interpretations of the features that constitute them. In a painterly process of adding and removing, composing and layering, dissolving and concentrating, my attention fluctuates between these different elements. My intervention creates transformations and traces, which in turn generate new objects and ideas. In the process I am interested in constantly discovering something new, alternating between moments of impulsivity and reflection. I ask myself: What constitutes me, what defines my interests and what remains undefined? What can I shape and what is "the new"? What would remain of my identity if I could overcome my own limitations as easily as I can melt a piece of wax or crumple a drawing? In trying to answer this question through my practice, I manage from time to time to unite the profane and the personal, a moment for which I am always grateful.