A HomeTown





Video installation with mixed media, capa line, CRT TV, loop

Ca. 150 x 300 x 250 cm

Yoonji Kwon


What Image does comes to people's mind when they hearthe word ‘Hometown’? For me,my hometown has always been a dense forest of buildings.For some people where theywant to get in, For some people where they get tiredof it and run away from it. I spent morethan half of my life in that place then I moved here.Now I’m continuing the other half of mylife in here where sometimes I can feel the reminiscencesof my hometown.Ten years after I left, I had no choice but to admitthat I miss and want to go back to mytown. However, now I feel like the chance is gonealready. Due to district redevelopment, mychildhood home got demolished and after the Housingcrisis in 2020 in Korea, the real estateprices are skyrocketing in my hometown. So I’ve decidedto live my life where I am, where Ican looking for the fragments of my hometown.In my Installation I’ll project some fragments ofa moment that remind me of my town on tothe large-scale, deconstructed models of Buildings.



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